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Chemical Manganese Dioxide

Specs: CMD 90%~99%
Size: 100~325 mesh
Common uses: Electronics industry, High-performance battery, Glass industry, Ferrites manufacturing etc.


Chemical Manganese Dioxide (CMD) consists of a precipitated MnO2 (Mn content approx 60%, MnO2 approx. 90%), which is produced using different processes. It is a brown-black powder remains, which is practically insoluble in water. Even with cold sulfuric or nitric acid, there is virtually no reaction. In the electronics industry, CMD can be found in varistors, thermistors and capacitors, among other things. In addition, also in ferrites and as an oxygen supplier in oxidizing reactions. It is also used as an inorganic pigment as well as in the glass industry.  



            CAS Number


            EINECS Number


            Molecular Weight


            Other Names

            CMD, High Purity Manganese Dioxide


Test ItemSpecification
AppearanceBlackish to brown powder
SolubilityInsoluble in water
Manganese dioxide (MnO2)90% min.
Moisture4% max.
Mesh size90% min. pass 100~325mesh
Iron (Fe)
3% max.
Phosphorus (P)1000ppm max.
Sulfur (S)1000ppm max.
Silicon dioxide (SiO2)10% max.


Store in a cool and dry area. Keep container closed when not in use. 


25kg per bag; 1MT big bag; Customized;


Electronics IndustryHigh-performance Battery ManufacturingFerrites Manufacturing

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