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QingChong is a high-tech enterprise that integrating R&D, production and sales of manganese chemicals. Our products mainly include natural manganese dioxide, chemical manganese dioxide, electrolytic manganese dioxide, activated manganese dioxide, manganese sand and other manganese salt products. The products are widely used for many industries like battery, ceramics, glass, metallurgy, water treatment, feed and fertilizer etc. With professional sales and strictly quality control, we are trusted by many local partners and foreign clients. The products are exported to lots of countries and regions, such as Korea, Japan, South Africa, America, Europe and Southeast Asia. 

    Natural Manganese Dioxide
    Specs: 20%~85% Size: 100~600 mesh Common uses: Ceramics and Bricks Manufacturing, Metallurgy and Ferro-alloys Making, Glass Manufacturing etc.
    Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide
    Specs: 90%~92% Size: 200~500 mesh Common uses: Battery Manufacturing, Ceramics and Bricks Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Intermediates etc.
    Chemical Manganese Dioxide
    Specs: CMD 90%~99% Size: 100~325 mesh Common uses: Electronics industry, High-performance battery, Glass industry, Ferrites manufacturing etc.

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